Network Direct Limited


Why Network Direct

Network Direct is a new style network model that was successfully launched in 2010 with a vision to develop a unique model that would be an exciting new breath of fresh air in the financial services market place.

Our main focus is a business model that gives Appointed Representatives (ARs) more flexibility to deliver their services to clients on behalf of the Network, yet freedom from the responsibilities of being a directly authorised firm.   All this together with sensible compliance and administrative processes supporting small and large firms alike.

The proposition is designed to enable our ARs to access the whole market place allowing them to bespoke a client centric model without being forced to panels or restrictive models.
Our approach has enabled many ARs, previously from other networks or directly authorised firms, to benefit from “the best of both worlds" with Network Direct.

At Network Direct we support both Independent and Restricted models. We are constantly working with and listening to our ARs. Also, we pride ourselves on the fact that we aim to achieve one of the lowest and most competitive PI cover charges in the industry. This is because we have no past “baggage” and we conduct regular “health checks” on each new AR. This helps to ensure we are able to pay our ARs very competitive rates for their services.